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Village Elder
Natala kuenda MGTOW lakini naogopa kuzeeka peke yangu without no wife and kids to take care of when I am old,weak and sickly
Tafuta pesa kijana and in your old age hire someone who will look after you. There is no guarantee that wife and kids will be willing to take care of you when you are sick. We have seen some kids who fight for the fathers' wealth before they even die. And wives killing their husbands to inherit their possessions


Village Sponsor
Having kids and marriage are two separate and different events as for marriage and relationships (many red pill lessons are taught here everyday) as for children you can co-parent and have them with full knowledge you dont expect anything in return absolutely nothing coz you honestly do not know or can predict how they turn out. Mgtow is the radical/extreme/radical form of redpill that in most cases(other than western world) isn't really necessary in our african setup. Just familiarize yourself with redpill utakua sawa... And ohh there is no glory in being a step dad!
MGTOW usema hata ukiwa na familia, you grow lonely and bitter after you have done your part in bringing them up...yaani fatherhood is a thankless job
You're dad must be an interesting fellow,hamuchapiani ma hekaya hivi mkimeet ama ameshakua part of the funiture,seen but not heard?


Village Elder
Kua mwanaume ni kazi ya punda but ukubali hiyo story tu ikiwa u want to propagate your genes. Usifanye ju unataka credit na hongera za upus. Nurture the next generation wajiweze kimaisha na teach them all you can, don't expect anything in return. Pray to God akupee nguvu umalizie hii kibarua na ujijengee ka pigsty kadogo and have investments that provide something small continously through old age to sustain bila effort, and that if you die you go out with your boots on (akili zako functional, you can do everything pretty much on your own etc, just that your heart gave in in your sleep or sth). And enjoy whatever little you have, sort watoi proper but keep sth small for yourself ata chupa moja ya tusker kila weekend
Natala kuenda MGTOW lakini naogopa kuzeeka peke yangu without no wife and kids to take care of when I am old,weak and sickly
Your children will focus on their families and children the same way you are focusing on yours and prioritising less on your parents.
The only thing which will take care of you is your money
Children are not a guarantee to success