Importing a car from Japan....advice needed

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Its common sense how do u expect to import a 2009 ex japan car with a mileage of 40,000Km? Kwani mwenyewe alikua anaitumia kwenda choo pekee? Nikiona gari iko 8 yrs old na mileage ya 60K mimi hulenga tu
it is possible...kwani unafikiria hao ni wale watu wa kuenda kila mahala na magari zao......In Japan especially if they are employed they will mostly use public means because its more efficient. Usiitikie kukaa na ujinga ndugu yangu


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Ahem! Firstly...whats the difference between hiring a clearing agent and finding a preferred clearing agent? Hii osungu ilikuja na meli kweli.

Secondly, nowerdays they dont allow nomination of cargo by the importer. KPA does the nomination. But on the same note, did i hear yesterday the CS say ALL cargo will be cleared from the port?? Bye Bye CFS's....
Not possible. There is limited space at the port and thats how cfs's came about. Land is not growing


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You may not save that much by importing, guys in this business know how to go about. For example you will find them importing 2009 car with reasonable mileage for 1500 dollars, Most likely that is not the actual amount they paid, but helps to reduce import tax. For mileage you can verify it through internet
You dont know what you are talking about. Tax is determined by CRSP


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This is how to make money importing cars

Identify a fast selling car in this case probox will will do.
Go to Tradecarview, or any other used Japanese car website and search for the probox
CIF + inspection should be close to Kshs. 200,000
Clearing costs should be around 400,000
Total costs will be kshs. 600,000
View attachment 30644

After you get the car, go to and pay the posting fee Kshs (870), this site has serious buyers
Then price it at Kshs. 850,000 negotiable

View attachment 30646

PROFIT = KSHS 200,000+++
Its not that easy me fwend. You will not be alone selling a probox on that site as well as many others. Kenyans are known to value number plates more than anything. So if your car goes unsold for sometime and number plates advance, value dips considerably. Utaifanya taxi karibuni for lack of a buyer. Thats how u burn and wear a long face all year long juu ya dere wako wa taxi kukuenjoy


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Import...u will have a choice,Mombasa you might have to settle with what u find,na kuna chances za tampering ya mileage... In Msa changing mileage is less than 3k. AMA ukiweza check stock ile iko kwa ship ikikuja Mombasa ya SBT and similar companies
just get an OBD scanner and the required softwares. mtu hawes kudanganya ati ni real milage. the system will tell you the true milage.


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If women who have no clue about cars are importing vehicles, who are you as a man to fear such basic thing as importation. World trade is done by importation and exporting of goods. Even the shirt you are wearing. Uoga itaua wanaume aki. Eti lazima ununue kitu unaona mombasa and in the process unagongwa bei na variety of selection.


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How do car importers make profit....ok the crooked ones I.e...well it's a combination of things...
1) they will choose the car in Japan that has the lowest quality ( cars are graded according to their condition...a lower grade costs less)

2) They will choose one with the highest mileage (principles works same as one above) rewind mileage on arrival

3)They will time to the T the month and year they will attract the lowest tax bracket ( so if this month the last car alleged is for Feb 2009 they will make sure haijapita hata na one day )

4) They will use the slowest ship...(this is the one that usually takes around 3 months ) this is also the cheapest one

5) number plate....hii mambo ya plates huwa tu ni ufala yetu so we end up paying high for a latest number plates

With a combination of this factors the importer makes a kill....akicheza mambo vibaya well ni loss kwake..but it's the buyer who ends up with a "new" car but most people will never notice that they have been played
Not to offend anyone. Kenyans can be a stupid lot.
massive"when u import a vehicle u will save around 100 to 20ok,importation process are so easy, first state which unit do u intend to buy?there are several unit down here which are still in high seas & therefore i can assist in buying & clearing
where is the link where one can see the units in high seas?


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If you have someone in Mombasa the better. Ukitaka pia ku evade tax pia tunaeza ongea chemba....any SBT is the best (in my view) the tafuta info on clearing
penda ku evade tax ka yote man! am planning on importing two units but duty for each unity is just over the ceiling! 700k each.If you could help me pay 1/4 of each's duty then am game in.Inbox me



penda ku evade tax ka yote man! am planning on importing two units but duty for each unity is just over the ceiling! 700k each.If you could help me pay 1/4 of each's duty then am game in.Inbox me
Halafu ujipate kwa gazeti 5yrs later?
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