Impressive maendeleo in Obama's Chicago. I think I was really wrong about Biden.


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Obama refused to leave Washington so he could personally undermine Trump through activism. This has never been seen in U.S history, a former president staying on in Washington.

The fake news doesn't tell you that. Obama was coordinating the White House staff and telling them not to do what Trump orders them to do. Google it. It has come to light.

When Trump went on foreign visits, Obama would send John Kerry in toe with a counter offer to world leaders to undermine the president. Why do you think Trump had to fire so many people all the time????

Trump was commanding them to do one thing but Obama calls them at night and tells them to ignore those directives and that they are protected by law.

In 2020 we even saw Obama personally campaigning like a candidate on behalf of Biden something that has never been seen in U.S history done by a former president. Till the very last minute Obama was directing his own white house staff and you saw it in the handover. That is why Trump left because he wasn't really needed!

Obama ordered social media to shut down on Trump a SEATING PRESIDENT ! This has come to light. INTERFERENCE.

Even dictator Moi never undermined or interfered with Kibaki's affairs nor does Kibaki interfere with Uhuruto affairs. This was a coup pure and simple.

Now you can proceed with ignoring the chaos in Chicago.

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What activism is Obama involved in. All I see him posting is vacation pictures from the Pacific Ocean.