Inakaa Japs know how to take care of their motis


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I have been trying all day long to find a video of how reconditioning of used Japanese cars is done before being exported to Africa as 'new' cars, unfortunately sijapata.
All I get are just articles on car inspection and reconditioning before auction. According to SBT Japan, befoward and Autocom car exporters, If a car doesn't pass all the 80 points check, it will not be put in auction or will have to undergo reconditioning before auction, if need be.

Anyway, these Japanese guys must be very good car caretakers. Unapata gari iko na 150k mileage, which might not have necessarily undergone reconditioning, lakini ukipeleka test drive it feels as good as a car that have never been used before. Perfect brakes, perfect steering wheel, perfect suspension, zero mechanical noise, etc, etc. And you are like, how tender was the previous owner on this car?
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Most important advantage they have is availability of original spare parts, if any part is damaged it is replaced. Here we do panel beating followed by applying filler and lastly a poor painting job in done. Even if a car was involved in an accident you can never know unless you look at auction info.