Indian Boss Calls Black Kenyan Employees ‘FAT UGLY PIGS’ through Facebook

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One of the managers of Rapid Communications which is based in Westlands is today in focus as more of the company employees are so tired of her racist rants and insults through social media that they are looking for action to be taken.

According to 3 employees, Brijal Rawal is said to author demeaning and rude remarks every morning on her Facebook profile. She uses the same platform to generally try to get back at black employees calling them FAT UGLY BITCHY PIGS.

Some of the posts would make Art Caffé racist remarks look like child play. Check some of her posts below.

Rapid-Communications_1.jpg Rapid_1.jpg

This the fat Indian pig....

Good thing Rapid Communications has decided to dismiss her.....



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Kenyans disgust me how much they put up with before they eventually respond to such blatant completely inappropriate racial slurs.

been a long time coming...
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