@ insurgent. Malizia story zako za China/ Mongolia

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Nimecheka yangu yote ande i find it really odd that KTalk staff members are the biggest accusers of multi-handling na Hekayas.
Kwani hampewi passwords to look behind the handles? If you checked my IP Address you would not be accusing me of being @insurgent .

La pili;
You guys in the relative comfort of being in Kenya can call our life experiences "hekayas" but its a bad bad world out here and i believe @insurgent ,i know better than to doubt any "immigrant`s" story.Watu wametoka mbali and when Wahenga said kutembea kwingi kuona mengi,they were not drinking mnazi!
I have met people who travelled from India,Somalia,Eritrea and Sri Lanka etc. to Europe without flying and without a passport.(real refugees running for their lives)
Sasa hawa watu wakiandika story zao hapa,KTalk staff/Moderators si wataanza kupiga watu mistari.
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