Interesting times ahead - Jaymoh


Philip J. Fry

I was just going through the website and stumbled to this .

But Siaya Senator James Orengo gives some clue: “Hii kitu tumeichora sawa sawa (We have perfectly plotted for this ‘thing’). Without fear of contradiction, I want to assure you that Raila Amolo Odinga will be President of the Republic of Kenya,” said Orengo on Friday

@jaymoh would put it "interesting times ahead" .
And this morning we are waking up to some deaths pale Baba Dogo.Tomorrow might be one hell of a busy day for the Internationally Recognised Idlers.



Village Elder
Indeed interesting. Someone tell uhuru and raila even the biggest war is solved by dialogue.
I dont know how credible this is from nasa bloggers.

Big G

Village Elder
this is absolute nonsense!! and the situation is artificial....pale mukuru pple are calling for arms, i am starting to concur with @jaymoh old tired fucked up line that...interesting times ahead