Intresting times ahead

Mr Black

Village Elder
The first thing IEBC should have done is ask the SCOK for a brief of the irregularities and illegalities that led to the invalidation.

Then they should have drawn up corrective measures to address the issues raised. Then they would have told the nation how they would deal with the issues which would be followed by public consultation to allow stakeholders and Kenyans to seek clarification, where the measures are deemed unsatisfactory better alternatives would be presented. There is no time for wrangles, all parties need to work together.
I believe IEBC chose this date coz of its convenience as the last date they can safely do so. 17th October gives them an allowance of 13 calendar days to iron out any issues that may arise before the Mandatory 1st November date. Beyond 17th and messes start cropping up...exactly what Babuon wants!


Senior Villager
the end game for Rao is clear to see....stall stall stall and demand for a nusu mkeka govt. even if its at the expense of several lives
really?.. the last time I checked its Uhuruto who were summoned to Hague for organising the butchering of innocent people in 2007
Vile nimeona according to the courts ni kama Chiloba and his team turned a blind eye, and then some unknown people got a chance to enter fraudulent form 34A`s, 34B`s, allowed some unauthorized people to access the IEBC servers etc.

Hii ni kama vile in an exam the invigilator anaensure by all means possible nobody copies in first few hours of the exam, but because the lecturer does not want many people taking his course to fail the exam. The invigilator + lecturer vacate the exam room during the last 10 to 20 minutes of the exam so that wanyonge wasaidiwe wafike pass mark.