Intresting times ahead

What does the 'I' in IEBC stand for?
For the same reason that Jubilee has been interfering with IEBC operations then the I is meaningless. And for the same reason that its' commissioners have said Chiloba leaves while you mongrels insist he stays. Do we also have to put 'I' before Judiciary for screwball to start respecting it? You idiots amaze me.


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The best thing to do to this @ScotlandYard thingy is to ignore it. It will slowly return to the cave it was residing in before the SC ruling.
I know it will quote and respond to my comment but as I have said, I will just ignore it.
Vile nimeona according to the courts ni kama Chiloba and his team turned a blind eye, and then some unknown people got a chance to enter fraudulent form 34A`s, 34B`s, allowed some unauthorized people to access the IEBC servers etc.

Hii ni kama vile in an exam the invigilator anaensure by all means possible nobody copies in first few hours of the exam, but because the lecturer does not want many people taking his course to fail the exam. The invigilator + lecturer vacate the exam room during the last 10 to 20 minutes of the exam so that wanyonge wasaidiwe wafike pass mark.