Investing 1k or less


Village Elder
Billionaires, I know patience is key in success of any business. I believe your investment didn't multiply overnight. Otherwise, it is generally easy part with what was easily achieved. This is the reason why the average age of a self-made millionaire in Kenya, is much higher that that of Babu
Not all businesses started with millions; some even started without any cash contribution from the owner(s) by either leveraging or otherwise.

The law of compounding is also very very very powerful. Would you please suggest an ideal investment vehicle in compounding capital? Time and rate are two fundamental factors.

There’s a story about an Indian Rajah who wanted to reward one of his
workers for a job well done. So the Rajah called his worker in and asked
him what he asks of his Rajah.
In reply, the worker pulled out a chess board and handed it to the Raja: “I
ask that only one grain of rice be placed on the first square of the board,
two grains of rice on the second, four grains of rice on the third and so on
keep doubling until all 64 squares are covered.”
The Rajah agreed (obviously unaware of the power and effects of
compounding), but soon discovered that all the rice in India would not be
enough to cover the final square. The Rajah was outraged and ordered
his deceitful worker be beheaded!

In real world what investment vehicle would give best outcome by compounding... Bonds, equities?

When you got very little you can invest, you may sometimes think that you goal will talk too long to be achieved. This can push you away. But when got to plant a tree that takes 100 years to reach maturity, then you got no time to waste. Leteni hio idea we invest Kshs 1000 today


Village Elder
A bottle of water costs 12 bob wholesale. It is sold at 20-25 bob retail. Water has an expiry period of several months.

How fast the water sells determines the rate of compounding.