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Kuna kuinua sadaka juu kabla ya kutoa? Na anointing oil na handkerchiefs ni how much?
Nobody is ever compelled to give, nobody at all. Come and just worship God, hear the word and leave, you will be fine. Isn't that the most important aspect. In such a big sanctuary, giving is a matter of you and your God and nobody ever forced or even belaboured the giving part.

2 Things you will find are emphasized at Winners again and again;
-Outreach and soul winning
-Prayer- especially kingdom advancement prayer.
@Pastorde can i serve God with my time and energy instead of giving monetary offerings?
Giving monetary offerings is the lowest of the three in my view, because when you devote your time and energy you are actually giving much much more, you are giving your life in the most direct form. When you give money, you also give your life in an indirect way because you exchange your time/energy for money, and because life is measured in time(years), you will have given your time in a way. For instance, if you are earning 30k per month it means you make 1k per day. When you give me 1k of your salary, you will have given me a day of your life. Get it? But once you consider you are giving out of love, you will not feel that pain pple associate with giving. Notice when you take someone out that you love you dont keep thinking about the cost? Now think about your creator. The overriding commandment is..........,

Love the LORD with all your heart and with all your mind and with all your strength.

Got it?
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People should stop joking with the things of God. Please pelekeni jokes in the appropriate forums. Wasamehe hawa Pastorde maana hawajui wafanyalo