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  1. MuBig

    MuBig Senior Villager

    Jamaa hiyo ni 2016 na iPhone 6 ni 2015 na it is not against the android flagships. Again, how is a 2500mah competing with 4000mah batteries zenye ziko hapo?

    Kwanza angalia flagship. IPhone 7+ vs S8+. The S8+ wins with minutes ahead but iko na 3500mah vs iphone ya 2500mah. S8+ ni 2017 na 7+ ni 2016. Na iPhone 8 iko na 2 hours more than 7+
  2. MuBig

    MuBig Senior Villager

    The lenovo p2 has a battery of 5100mah against iPhone's 2500mah. It is not a flagship. Flagships ni akina V30, Pixel Xl na S8. Zote ziko na 3500mah maximum and they get beaten by iphone 7+ na 2500mah.
  3. MuBig

    MuBig Senior Villager

    This is hilarious. Enda pale android.com and see the levels of fragmentation that android has. Google updated it yesternight. Android O ni 0%, Nougat iko 8%, Marshmallow 32%,Lollipop 21% na sitaki kusema kuhusu akina Kitkat na Jellybean

    Kwenda iOS, 89% wako iOS 10, iOS 11 unreleased iko na kitu 2%.

    Apple is the only phone manufacturer that provides 4 years support. Hata Google are providing the Google pixel with 2 years maximum (2018) na security updates upto 2019. Meanwhile, IPhone 5 is compatible with the latest iOS 10 na inaeza pata iOS 11. A 5 year old device is running the latest OS. You can be sure the S7 which is 2 years old will not get Android P. Hata Android Oreo itanusa after several months.

    Where did you get your information from ati iPhones huwa outdated na 6 months? Kwanza if by a miracle an android phone manufacturer decides to update phone for 4 years like Apple, it would not have been possible because The SOC manufacturer namely Qualcomm doesn't provide drivers after 2 years. This is set to change with project Treble but bado S7 ya last year haipati Android P na IPhone 6 ya 2015 itapata iOS 11
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  4. Ngimanene na nyeni

    Ngimanene na nyeni Village Elder

    Usually Apple wait at least a year to make their phones obsolete, the iPhone 8 lasted 10 minutes. Ama nani atanunua hio iPhone 8¿ And is that Airpower specific to their gadgets?
  5. grandpa

    grandpa Village Elder

    Hakuna my hajui speed test ni nini. Iko wapi tu link ya 15 seconds faster? 15 seconds umetoa wapi? Imagination?
  6. Gitonga

    Gitonga Village Elder

    True, the p2 is a budget phone.
    But it lasts longer, which is pretty much the entire point
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  7. MuBig

    MuBig Senior Villager

    Kuna yenye any android phone imeshinda? Eee? Hata na split second?
    And that is dual core vs octa core
    Sasa Hexacore vs Octacore android italia

    Be it 15 seconds or 3 seconds, the apps opened are about 10. If they continue opening the apps to let's say 30 apps, the iPhone will get a difference of more than 20 seconds faster if they will reopen the apps during the multitasking tests. Unajua tu android will reload and iOS won't reload.

    Kwanza umeona multitasking test? Do you know how long it takes to open akina GTA SA, Gangstar Vegas and Asphalt 8? Halafu after iphone kufungua zote kwanza, it will not reload unlike android making second difference more than 10!!!

    Itikia,kama unajua speedtest ni nini, hakuna android hushinda iphone. Kwanza the gaming tests!!!

    Btw, did you watch those videos? Speedtest ni continues opening of apps with a timer, si app moja. The time adds up. It is not about a single app opening faster than 15 seconds in iphone. It is about opening YouTube (iPhone wins with 0.5 seconds) then opening adobe and exporting a video (iphone wins with 3 seconds) and moving on.
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  8. MuBig

    MuBig Senior Villager

    Except nilieka disclaimer ya billionares only in my original post. We ain't talking about budget phones. We are talking about the best android has to offer (note 8,S8, Pixel Xl, Lg v30) vs Iphone 7,7+. All android flagships have below 4000mah and compete with the 2500mah iphone. Imagine Android ikiekwa 2500mah itakaa aje?

    But I get your point. On Android one can get a bigger battery phone. But mimi naongea kuhusu android vs apple flagships.
  9. slevyn

    slevyn Village Elder

    the only thing new you are getting ni effing emojis.. seriously effing emojis:D:D:Dwoi cant argue with a fool and his money. kumbuka all those "new features" have been done by samsung

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  10. Zee

    Zee Village Elder

    most android flagships use QHD screens na apple ni 1080p if that 2500mah iphone was to have a QHD screen the battery life will drop
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  11. hunningale

    hunningale Village Elder

    exactly.. 15 second???
  12. paparazzi

    paparazzi Village Elder

    As an iphone user mine is just to say, RIP home button!
  13. paparazzi

    paparazzi Village Elder

    And the greatest irony is that all this keyboard warriors do not posses the iphone 7+ which I do, and do not have the capability/willingness to buy the iphone ten at 140,000 which I will btw as soon as its released im about 40days. What I'm I trying to say? Lanes people,we buy iphones not based on your google based research skills, ni kwa uwezo wetu. Meffi
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  14. slevyn

    slevyn Village Elder

    good for you sucking yourself and shit
    download (3).jpg
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  15. vanadium

    vanadium Village Elder

    The iPhone is a piece of shit, and
    so is your face.

    No, I'm not going to get an iPhone, quit emailing me about it. I'm not getting one because I already have a phone that's better: it's called the Nokia E70, it's the pinnacle of human achievement, and I love it more than my family:

    You've probably never heard of the E70 because Nokia's marketing team is busy finding every last d*ck in the universe to suck, so I'm going to do their job for them and tell you about this product. And no, I'm not being paid to do this. I'm just tired of the iPhone fanboys shooting huge sticky wads and high-fiving each other (literally) over their stupid cellphones.

    First of all, the E70 has a full keyboard, not some shitty stripped down, tap-and-pray smudgy piece of shit. Nokia uses a technology that's even more advanced than the iPhone's tap screen, allowing you to actually feel the keys you press as you're pressing them! The technology is called "tactile response," and it allows you to do things like dial a phone number without staring at your screen like a shit-chucking ape. In fact, every other cellphone ever made has this technology, sometimes called "buttons."

    This keyboard will not only stomp your colon, but the colons of distant relatives of the human species such as lagomorphs, and hypothetical colons of children you haven't even had yet. Want to type a backslash? No problem. Ampersand? You bet your ass. On an iPhone, you have to press an additional button that opens up an alternate keypad that will allow you to type numbers and punctuation. So typing something as simple as elipses (...) requires you to tap your finger 9 times. Enjoy your phone, losers! People like me who have shit to do will stick to a keyboard that doesn't have its lips wrapped firmly to the user-interface equivalent of a throbbing dong:


    When the iPhone was first announced, CEO Steve Jobs spewed enough BS to cover a football field full of babies 3 feet deep in bullshit, which sounds cool because he could have potentially murdered a football field full of babies, but he passed on this opportunity by introducing the phone instead. He claimed that the phone was three devices in one: an iPod, a phone, and an "Internet communications device." Oooh, an Internet communications device?! AWESOME!

    It's not three devices in one any more than my laptop is you morons. Using Jobs' loose definition of what constitutes a separate device, technically my laptop can be considered 8 devices in one:

    A clock
    A calculator
    An "Internet communications device"
    A phone (I can make voice calls with my modem)
    A pornographic media storage device
    A video player
    A word processor
    And an "iPod" (see below)

    There's no such thing as an iPod. The word "iPod" is a marketing tool for a hard drive with software that plays mp3s. Yeah, doesn't sound so sexy now, does it you chimps? And an "internet communications device" is officially the douchebaggiest way of saying "it has a browser." So actually it's just a phone that plays mp3s and has a browser. SNORE.

    The Nokia E70 not only plays mp3s, video, has a full browser and Wi-Fi, IMAP and POP3 email, and Google Maps, but you can even run terminal software to telnet or SSH into remote servers. What that means in non-geek is that my phone is invincible. I can literally do anything. I can reboot my web server if I want, and sometimes I do just because I can:

    All of this power from a phone that's over a year old, and it only costs $360. Even the browser kicks ass:

    Here's a non-biased, side-by-side comparison of some key features of each phone:

    iPhone Nokia E70
    Resolution: 320x480 352x416
    Storage: 4 or 8 gigs (fixed). Unlimited. The E70 can use hot-swappable 2 GB mini SD cards, so you can have as much storage as you want.
    Can customize ringtones with your own mp3s:
    Can record video:
    Screen turns into a smudgy piece of shit after a few minutes of use:
    Can send MMS messages:
    You have to send your phone to Apple when the battery dies and risk getting your phone lost, stolen, or damaged in transit: Yes. No.
    Plays MP3s:
    Holds your phone hostage to Apple for new software updates because Apple won't allow everyone to develop applications for it:
    Voice dialing:
    Can record voice:
    Instant messaging: No. Yes.
    Can't do fundamental tasks like copy & paste text: Yes. No. Double negative, bitches!

    There you have it: the most objective comparison of two cellphones ever made. I think I'll take the rest of the afternoon off and copy and paste text on my cellphone because I can.

    6,087,975 people who bought an iPhone hadn't heard of the Nokia E70 until now because Nokia's marketing team is too busy tossing salad to get the word out.

    © 1997-2017 by Maddox
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  16. Luther12

    Luther12 Village Sponsor

    Intel WiDi?
  17. Budspencer

    Budspencer Village Elder

    Hapa umeongea out of ignorance and hearsay. Ati you have to pay for all apps?? Hehe, OK. Ati halafu it will be outdated in six months? Kumbe Samsung S series zinaachana na decade ama? Nimejaribu kulenga hii post but imenishinda
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  18. Deorro

    Deorro New Villager Staff Member

    then nayamazia, just because I use a comp with Intel i3 to watch movies and light work does not mean that everyone should use i3 or that I should rubbish those who use i7 and the Xeons. stay kwa lane yako and let others stay in their lanes. I still insist you are ignorant
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  19. Deorro

    Deorro New Villager Staff Member

    Apple has never supported VR that's why their screen resolution has always been stuck at 1080p and their Keynote's feature nothing about it. Ever since the first iphone Apple has never created anything new, they just refine on what others create, they have always had the wait n see method.

    speaking of VR, VR is really growing at a faster rate. Personally am a 3d artist and siku hizi all the renderers and software have support for VR and are actively developing for it including the game engines too so hiyo VR is dead yako sijui unatoa wapi
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  20. Deorro

    Deorro New Villager Staff Member

    iphone lagged behind in the battery test kitambo, we dont even need to argue on this