Iphone X


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Some people are just lucky, being born from a humble background steals some of these luxuries from you no matter how hardworking you are. Unless you steal, it takes time to accumulate wealth and by the time you can afford such luxuries it is so late that you are not interested in such things. You will see some old professor using a nokia phone while his son is queuing to buy the lastest iphone.


Hii simu repairing the back glass ni 500usd. Ongeza 100usd na uko na iphone 8 mpya base model. I have never understood Apple na pricing yao. Na bado watu watanunua


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Apple is a phone with prestige just like a cow to maasai though we know a maasai can benefit more from something else. the line are much shorter this time with many tech analysts dissuading people from buying it and waiting for another model.