is it in genes,influence or just a coincidence??????

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how comes that over 70% of best runners in kenya come from eldoret?????
that over 70%of kikuyu musicians come from murang'a????
and that almost all bongo musicains come from Kigoma(leka dutigite, wishala mwineke} wacha nilinge mwenye wivu it just nature ama ni nini?????
I think is the environment those successful people in your village are of a particular career so every kid wants to be like the successful person

True. This applies for all professions. There are areas that produce doctors, others lawyers etc na ukiangalia you'll find a succesful professional from the previous generation.

Ata wizi.

Those thieves from Gachie come from a certain area, ukichunguza sana the grandparents were bank robbers.

Oh yeah.. Na land grabbers pia..
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