Is it Really Entirely Wrong to Pay Djs and Media Stations for Airplay?

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...are some questions that we need to ask ourselves! Why would a musician through their label and/or management spend huge amount of cash to promote their Facebook page and YouTube videos? However unfair it seems, it is legal advertisement, right? And when advertising, what is your obejective? Is is not to reach a wider audience? When a company advertises a product constantly on TV or radio, psychologists say that the consumer tend to buy what they identify? So when a shopper with no brand loyalty walks into the mall, he/she will most probably buy the product that they see and hear about over media commercials. And that is what is practiced in the music industry. With over 300,000 Facebook followers and an employed social media manager, plus relationships with hit radio and TV stations, such an artist’s song is very likely to cross the one million mark in terms of Youtube views. The number of YouTube views have been accepted as an informal way of assessing an artists popularity and it translates into high paying shows, physical, digital and merchandise sales and more corporate attention. So we can agree that its a good business choice to pay for promotion, right? Artists... Read More here


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Unfortunately that's the norm ..thats why we have silly songs like that "Dandia tu kama mathree" sh!t getting all the air play and great talents like H art the Band (of the Uliza Kiatu fame) and "Elani's" of this world who do great music get no airplay at all....We will not make it on the African' stage musically (leave alone the World stage) with those "nyongwa" non-sense.

Listen to this song H art the band "LovePhobic"

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chema za jiuza kibaya cha jitembeza or something like that. The problem nowdays is that majority of the so called ''upcoming musician" are not really muscians. They are confused teens with no talent who admire the lifestyle of muscians. The shit they compose cann't sell, so they use these tactics of bribing corrupt djs to play their music. Corruption killing talents
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