What's the root of all evil?[/QUOT
Georgina I think you should change the header to 'Is it true the young boys in Kenya are being robbed of their youth by older married rich cougars'.
The answer to this is YES all from our Uni Students to other 21-26 year olds. I went out with my friends when I was last home and just could not believe what I witnessed. I was like 'aren't you the one supporting and financing everything here? they are vv happy too, so I hushed my gums. Morals in our society gone to the dogs kabisa. The older married rich man hajaibiwa na mtu. 90 percent of them have always been cheats since time immemorial. Money TALKS!
I thought this predatory attitude was the forte of men or do women become more manly with money ,I agree that nowadays alot of married older women or woteva older women have a delish boytoy but its just so unfeminine. To prey on the young.