is there a possibility real ADMIN checks ur inbox?

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Is there a possibility yahoo/gmail admin checks ur in box?
Yes Supu not just the gmail admin but also the US govt(na vile millions have those accounts...Ktalk is very manageable na watu hapa ni admin anaeza hata bila rights kuchungulia accounts ya watu na yako hapa....


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Strictly speaking its highly unlikely. Unless the passwords are kept in in plain text (ASCII), most likely the passwords are hash-encrypted. They have no access to the account


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hehehe old mangi. pole kwako. I still can't figure why you used to be a victim, na vile uko mpole.

And you think reading messages was too far-fetched? A mod somewhere has your number which you exchanged with a certain guy through the messages. If you ain't doing it, start now, MOD 101.
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