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  1. justus

    justus Village Elder

    Wishful thinking!
  2. Rivermbaji

    Rivermbaji Village Elder

  3. kamnjoro

    kamnjoro Village Elder

    I have always taken you as a mature religious person who would engage in meaningful discussions without resulting to insults- a true reflection of Jesus.

    Until now.

    So, do this, take up your opinion, roll it into a ball the size of a ball gum, shove it deep into your rectum, retrieve it and then swallow it. And don't tell me how it feels.

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  4. justus

    justus Village Elder

    Even Jesus didn't take meffi... He faced you as you brought yourself!
    Your opinion about me doesn't really matter for its immaterial to my existence.
    If you don't want to be told the truth (which you call insults) then stop acting with ignorance.
    Jipambe na back up knowledge at least rather than displaying your lack of information and arrogance.
  5. kamnjoro

    kamnjoro Village Elder

    I will keep off your threads/comments and you keep off mine.

  6. justus

    justus Village Elder

    Can't promise.. For I never hold grudge
  7. kamnjoro

    kamnjoro Village Elder

    Not an issue with grudges. it is all about stalking. I feel you're stalking me like a homo.
  8. ochithunder

    ochithunder Village Elder

    This is the biggest problem I have! God's existence should not depend on logical and reasonable arguement. Yet that is exactly what your Yaweh thrives in!!! Miracles, innuendos, suppositions, outright deception and above all, mystery. I wonder why it is has to be so!

    Make someone/something in my own image but hide from that person so they can search for me. Send guys called Prophets to try and convince that person that I exist and that I have inspired the prophet to do my bidding, so I can save that person from fire in a distant future. What twisted logic and manners!
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  9. justus

    justus Village Elder

    That sound like Hide and seek game which we all loved as human kids!
    What's the problem with the Father having fun with His kids???
  10. ochithunder

    ochithunder Village Elder

    There we go again! A christian wrote this! Many Gods fit the said profile. Human thinking is quite similar. By the way, what do these people say about allegations of regilions existing before Christianity that had similar stories to those in the Old testament?

    There is no purpose in looking for the creator, nor the end because it is impossible to find those two. You can not know what heppened before you (as a species) existed and neither will you ever have the opportunity nor ability to know what will come after you are gone. I have agonized about life for a long time and everytime I reach a dead end. That everything I experience now will end with the last breath, then it wont matter any more!

    The afterlife in my opinion is wishful thinking. But if it exists, Justus will remind me then! Still I am more convinced that god is a fallacy than otherwise:D
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  11. ochithunder

    ochithunder Village Elder

    Because the results as we are told is not a joke, Eternal fire. Such are things you dont joke with. Would you play hide and seek with a child next to a highway?
  12. justus

    justus Village Elder

    That's a clear example that you do not understand God and His being or personality...
    He is not playing with His children on a highway, its a bear land with few plantation.
    He also has given clear guidelines on where and how to find Him, only rebellious beings will find themselves in trouble.
    If you follow the rules and regulations then you are good to go but failure to which there are consequences.

    There is nothing in life that has no guidelines or regulations... Even the most basic things like eating and even Farting... So how can u accept the fact that all has regulations and claim that God shouldn't have those too??? Isn't the presence of those regulations a reflection of their creator?
  13. justus

    justus Village Elder

    I think that the wiseman who said "never argue with a fool" must have had an encounter with you!
  14. dundley

    dundley Village Elder

    I should not struggle to understand some imaginary deities...
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  15. Muranga

    Muranga Village Elder

    I am agnostic leaning towards theism na sisumbui watu.
  16. Nostradumbass

    Nostradumbass Village Elder

    I wonder why a god would create a creature that he/she/it knew too well will f**k up everything he/it/she (god) claimed to be good then go ahead light a fire and wait to roast my ass. ...ferk that.:mad:
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  17. ochithunder

    ochithunder Village Elder

    Not one bit!!! Like you say correctly, I dont understand God because no matter what I read or whoever I argue with I still dont see the compelling evidence for any supreme beings existence except illusions and unfounded generalities like seek and you shall find. No, I refuse to be cowed. Ferk God!

    Could not have been asked better!! Amen!
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