Is there in existence a malevolent demon that sells DEFECTIVE products to WOMEN

Back in High School there used to be a song, and I trust many of you will recognize it:
"I can not come I can not come to the banquet,
don't trouble me now,
I've married a wife,
and have got me a son,
I have fields and commitment,
that cost a petty sum,
pray hold me excused,
I cannot come
(you should listen to my sexy voice with inflection of the song)

For about the 999,111th time I have carefully kept count, why do women hold up the line 99.99% of the time, even in stores where the distribution of men and women is roughly symmetrical? And exactly what kind of stomach ache is to be had in foregoing 5 Kenyan Cents , in a 2017 10,000 shilling purchase?
I remembered something funny in Primary School; so this time we were given a tour of the Zoology Campus department and were shown around by the gentleman who tended to the various small animals that were kept at some point he goes, ok so mboyz and ngaauzz, right here invront of me is the ngongolonjiz; and proceeded to give us a summarized account of the life cycles, feeding habits etc., and indeed it was quite an interesting tour he had given us, to his credit. So at the end he then asked ariiii ntheaa any mburning ngueshchons about the ngongolonjiz?? (had we not seen the cockroaches, no one would have figured out what he was talking about).
And in the same vain, thus my mburning question is:
Is the cashier counter at the store a banquet, to which, only women are invited?
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