is this. even sane???shows insanity of tha highest order

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Senior Villager
- A
teacher from a primary school in
Mombasa was jailed for life
yesterday for chopping his pupil’s
scrotum with a razor blade.
Changoma Abdallah, a teacher at
Bridge International Academy in
Ujamaa, Likoni, committed the act
on January 21 last year inside a
The 10 year old boy told the court
that his colleagues had gone home
when the teacher asked him to
remain behind. He ordered him
to strip n3k3d and lie on the
desk and that is when he slashed
his scrotum off before asking him
to dress up and go home.
Upon arriving home, his mother
noticed he was walking with
difficulties and had blood on his
shorts. She asked him and that is
when he narrated what had
happened. The boy was rushed to
hospital with the scrotum almost
falling off.
Mombasa resident magistrate,
Geoffrey Kimanga, said that the
minor’s evidence was logical and
flawless coupled by the doctors’
reports and ruled that the
attacker serves a life time in jail.
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