It's illegal in Nyeri...


Village Elder
Hehe...I’ll name just two: brucellosis and bovine T.B.
Two what? I see you have a reputation to maintain. Well, milk is high lactic acid which destroys bacteria inherent in a particular cow. To boot, there’s is strong evidence that even pasteurization is harmful to the ‘good’ bacteria.

Instead of engendering a useless argument in animal husbandry, why don’t you tell us who pasteurizes milk for RV warriors?

PS: drop the condescending act. It’s foolish.


Village Chief
Selling raw milk to anyone should be illegal everywhere.....there are many diseases that can be spread via raw milk....
Wacha zako! For the first ten years of my life, I only had fresh milk from cows with names, not numbers.

And he has the audacity to add that he's a farmer in Nyeri na we all know that he's a loser in Kayole.
The crap people post!!
Let me guess,the cooling plants in Kaiyaba ,Mathira and Nyeri Town ni za Brookside na si za wakulima?
KCC Kiganjo gets its milk from Narnia??
Raka Milk makes its cheese from breast milk ama??
Ever heard of Wakulima Diaries in Mukurweini???