It's never late for Kibaki to have another term: what he did with 32blns was a miracle....Today 21 blns cannot build a small village dam


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Kibaki liberalized communication, we all got connected, we got internet, we got mobile money which unlocked millions of other businesses, He made millions of us who didn't have bank accounts get bank accounts, he managed interest rates without making laws, by taming local borrowing, he gave us unsecured loans by force and bank managers came next to customer service officers at the main entrance and not next to the vault and we realised they are mere mortals!

He built the thika super highway for 32b, need I say more, he didn't need a constitution to do that neither did he need to spend 20 billion on BBI or punguza mzigo noises to deliver..... he basically worked, worked, as people made noise he worked more!
Habari Githu?


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Ruto pekee. let order reign in this nation. you will see what a real hard worker will do with this nation. i have a feeling he will undo a lot of konyagi's policies.