Itumbi Caught In Another BBI Lie...Seems Like Only His Boss Ruto Trusts Him...


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Gender CS Margaret Kobia has hit back at Communication and Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi over an unflattering post he made on Saturday, January 23.

In the post, Itumbi had summarised the event headed by the CS, noting that she was booed by the attendees after she attempted to popularise the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Itumbi claimed that Kobia had been accompanied by Governor Kiraitu Murungi and KEMSA Chair Kembi Gitura and that only county cameras and those from her PR team were allowed to record the event.

He further alleged that CSs, PSs and CASs were asked to popularise the document without which they would be reported to National Intelligence Service (NIS) before facing the sack.

Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs Cabinet Secretary Margaret Kobia

"Just when she started speaking about BBI, she was booed and the women groups literally walked away, leaving the VIPs and their money/ Uwezo and Women Fund cheques to speak to themselves.

"Uwezo Fund, after all, is distributed via MPs and if cheques are ready, they will reach them through their constituencies," claimed Itumbi.


In her response, Kobia refuted the claims as false and noted that Kiraitu and Gitura were not part of the attendees.

She further noted that the event took place Methodist Church in Kinoru and not Kinoru stadium as alleged by Itumbi and that the event was part of the CS's three-county tour.

"It is regrettable that post is based on falsehoods and is not factual.

"The meeting was the last of a series of the Cabinet Secretary's three-county tour of Embu, Tharaka - Nithi , and Meru counties, where she was inspecting government projects and disbursing women empowerment funds from the Affirmative Funds under her ministry," stated the CS.

She went on to break down the number of cheques she had shared refuting claims that she was booed at any of the events.


"In Embu County, she disbursed Kshs25 million in Tharaka-Nithi County she disbursed Ksh13 million and in Meru County, she disbursed Kshs39 million.

"The funds were disbursed from the Women Enterprise Fund and not from Uwezo Fund, as inaccurately presented," she stated.

According to a notice issued by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), all appointed civil servants are forbidden from taking part in politics while holding their offices.


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Itumbi is a retard and you guys should never take him seriously.

I don't know what he stands for or what his goal is. Kama ni blogging Alai and the ugly boy from Kisii Nyakundi washachukua hio job.
you’re going to rubbish a man that has grown himself from nothing to working in the high levels of government by sheer determination? If you’ve done better in life than that retard, good for you.


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you’re going to rubbish a man that has grown himself from nothing to working in the high levels of government by sheer determination? If you’ve done better in life than that retard, good for you.
This here is the problem with Kenya. We celebrate the elevation of thugs to high office not on merit but on patronage. One must be a retard to imagine Itumbi got to state house by "sheer determination".


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You may try to downplay this man's rise, but the facts are there for all to see. Itumbi is a very brilliant fellow who is also witty and knpws how to play his games well. Above all, he is loyal


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Biggie Samson
Huyu tanganga man atareta vita wacheni mtu aongee kile anaongea kama humtaki unaenda mkutano wake kufanya nini? ata ingawa ni kulipwa wanalipwa kama vile walifanya kenol sasa wanarundia ujinga watanganga githurai

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I wonder how Ruto, Sonko and Tangatanga gain from organizing Hustlers to cause chaos. Someone will say Ruto and Sonko are not involved? Sonko already said last week - in Ruto's very presence - how they organized chaos in 2017 to blame it on Raila. They have admitted they have a record of organizing chaos. How will they deny it now? They could have just let this BBI thing alone - why are they scared of BBI?. Tangangata is quickly gaining the image of violent mobs with the so-called Hustlers - many who may never even vote. I fear for Ruto and Tangatanga - playing right in the hands of Raila and an angry President who has warned that if you cause chaos.....