JaKuon: Boycott Safaricom!!

The brave

Village Elder
A Safaricom Paybill has three parties:

1. The facilitator, Safaricom who earns a fixed percentage for setting it up;
2. The beneficiaries, JaKuon & Ida, who empty it and transfer to their private accounts;
3. The fools who contribute anything from 10 bob to hundreds of thousands.

Kalonzo's role, the sandwich-man, is unofficial. He gets nothing.
Kalonzo ni kamtu wa kushikila bakuri ya kuomba msaada... Very demeaning in African cultures if you ask me. Hapo dio JaCON amefikisha yeye na tu Wakamba twenzake... :D:D:D:D:D


Village Elder
JaKuon is trying to paint a picture in which he is victimized by every living thing in Kenya. The problem with that strategy is that if everyone is pissed off at you, then YOU must be doing something wrong. Rather than be the victim, you become the villain. Isn’t that just too bad because when he loses again, it will be despite him trying to sabotage the elections. Sympathizers will be limited to his minions trapped in a mental prison from which they cannot extricate themselves.

On another front, I honestly believe the guy has some psychiatric problem. Safaricom does not depend on being politically correct to stay in business. On the contrary, a huge percentage of the economy depends on Safcom providing their communications service. So you must wonder what the dickens has gotten into JaKuon!