JaKuon: Boycott Safaricom!!


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A Safaricom Paybill has three parties:

1. The facilitator, Safaricom who earns a fixed percentage for setting it up;
2. The beneficiaries, JaKuon & Ida, who empty it and transfer to their private accounts;
3. The fools who contribute anything from 10 bob to hundreds of thousands.

Kalonzo's role, the sandwich-man, is unofficial. He gets nothing.
Kalonzo ni bebaa kama ule wa stage, he assists people move millions and he remains at the bus stop with an arched back from years of lifting the millions
JaCon should know that Safcon has survived competition from several giant multinationals, they have even tried to change the law to help them tackle Safcon....Safcon to most Kenyans ni kama ugali - it must appear somewhere in the menu no matter how tasteless it is.


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The star comments section is lit as f**k dim eyed orangutans as we call them here ni kukula masweeps Tu...................but the again, it's a reflection of who we are ama namna gani? Screenshot_20170928-134836.png Screenshot_20170928-134947.png Screenshot_20170928-134901.png Screenshot_20170928-135001.png