Jaluo tetemeshas in Meru

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Males try to be politically correct when in public but the truth of the matter is we view women whom we are not related to in terms of boobs, haga na rangi ya thao. Women know this but live in denial they also strive to have a good haga and a good set of breasts
That came with the package...until someone discovered silicon and wonderbra and buttpads and corsets et al. These days one is never sure that whatever one is seeing is real or not until the 'beautiful sexy figure' woman undresses completely. Ndo wengine hawawes,kabisa hawawes vua nguo mbele ya mtu mwingine ama kama taa hazijazimwa.


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ari nabwe, nandi, meru unapewa guarantee ya several years
guarantee unapewa ya 10 years that hatakusumbua but hakuna guarantee she will not give it out. I usually go to Meru for business and from the loud mourns coming from the adjacent rooms, it shows wanapenda mti.
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