Janet Mbugua should take a leave

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This is not kawasaki material anymore! Ata akisoma news sikuhizi naanza tu kuskia usingizi! But i guess shes a brand now, and shes selling. Shes the first lady to pose while paged in some magazine (sikumbuki jina)


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Janet Mbugua has a twin Sister and the husband has a twin brother therefore the probability that she delivers twins is high. By the way @Luther12 what should I do if I want my wife to deliver twins? :D


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I guess pregnancy has a new meaning.... What has she done to make you hate (what a word niccur) that much? Did she spit in the studio, or something similar? Bose, Its just a pregnancy, not a terminal disease.


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I hate seeing Janet Mbugua in her current status, wouldn't you agree?

This is total rubbish...we all have wives, sisters, and friends who were pregnant at one point or another and nobody asked them to quit their jobs so i don't see any logic hating on this woman because she is working and pregnant.


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:p:p:pyou beat me to it bro.
kwani mimba yake ni kama ile ya maria.
right now as i type this,there is a random bicht who have concieved.
who cares kwani kazi ya mwanamke ni gani? @Trulite
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