Jeffrey Epstein, Chapter II of 1000


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This guy is in real trouble. Unless Drumpf excuses him, he'll spend the rest of his life in jail.

PS: Did you see the absolute bs the the Labor Secretary emitted?

Baby Panay

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Every man has "raped"someone. Ni venye tu he has nothing to lose. If he does ungeona venye ata one night stand wangetokea kusema it was rape. Pia ex watokee kusema ulikuwa abusive.


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such cases zinafaa kutupiliwa mbali.....akipewa hizo $300 alikua ana expect?
What does a 14 year old child know?
In countries where laws work, there is the small issue of statutory rape making it illegal to have sex with children under 18, whether you pay them or not!!! In fact paying them makes it child protitution.