Jehovah Wanyonyi Has Gone To Heaven In a Flaming Chariot

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I hope this is not his little devious plan to upstage or make Obama disappear huko up in the air

Obama lazima afike
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Dont understand y his followers still insist that he is not dead.You could see the vigour with which they try to drive(or is it push...force..)their point home.


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His women seem to love him. Its more realistic to have wanyonyi for a god. You can get something from him right away. no promises and no waiting to die to reap the fruits of worship
Jehovah Wanyonyi was born in
1924 in Mount Elgon area, the
mountain he claims is Mount
He reportedly has several wives
and many children, who strongly
believe that they are the true descendants
of the Biblical children
of Israel.
Jehovah Wanyonyi’s sect, with
an estimated 1,000 people, is
registered under the name of
‘Lost Israelites’.
Jehovah Wanyonyi claims to be
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