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Mark Maish

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#ThisIsMyStory I feel like I want to kill someone, yes you heard it right. You see a few months ago I was dating this guy only for him to go silent on me. Me and my pride decided that he can sort himself. After a few months, today, I decide to talk to him out of curiosity only to realize that he is getting married to his ex. Waoh! what a shock that part of the story I never got to learn. He had an ex who they went to the same church and guess what? I did go to that church once and he never thought it was wise for me to know. I swear to God I hate him. He made me look life a fool infront of all his friends.

You see as a christian l'm not supposed to swear much less hate.

Something interesting I met this guy in a class when doing my second degree and before he knew me he had judged me because I'm a typical Nairobi girl, pretty, and not to brag smarter than him. So most people think I'm more in to clubbing and drinking and my dressing does not help much. So the 1st conversation we had he said I will never get married maybe he was right about that.

Then he learnt of my faith, beliefs and got interested in me. See he was not my type but that guy was really good. He treated me really good and we all know its hard for us to meet guys who are nice if you are not sleeping with them.

If at one point of your life a guy seems too good to be true uuuh. He is too good to be true because they do not exist. They are faking and somehow you know but you stupid enough to think they actually exist. He was that guy. Pretended to be good only to play me but hi it happens.

I don't blame him probably I deserved it. I don't know how to trust when it comes to men. The 1st man man in my life (Dad) left when I was 2 months old. He never looked back. I don't even have a face to put on the name 25 yrs and counting. The second experience I had with a man was rape when I was 8yrs. Not once or twice did I get raped. I lost count by the time I was 9yrs.

I didnt have anyone to talk to. Mum was busy trying to take care of us so I learnt how to fight for myself. I grew up really fast and had to bury my pain and life continued. Ooh did I mention depression was my companion.

I grew up, finally joined campo, got into a relationship with a guy who had issues like me (daddy issues), I guess like poles do attract after all. We hurt each other more that anything. In the process thats when I met christ who became my friend and I broke it off with that guy.

I must say God has really been faithful through it all. He helped me overcome depression. I was suicidal only that I was a coward to try but now thinking about it God had a plan for me to survive this far

I am not sure what God has in store for me yet but am trusting that his plans are for good to give a future and hope.

My reality is l'm 25yrs single but not alone cz I have christ who make every memory with me. I hope that some day I will overcome my fear of Men and being Hurt and I will fall in love.

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