Jimmy Wanjigi


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It's me again, Mjuaji.

Here to call anyone that believes that Jimmy Wanjigi attic arsenal story an idiot.

If you believe that fabrication you're as dim as those who fell for the utterly laughable 18hrs of Hawker Vs Recce.

Jimmy types don't rob with guns and when they do they don't keep them in their Muthaiga homes.

Jimmy is not the type to fund a doomed seccesionist struggle either.

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But @Mjuaji why do you think then he is being fabricated ,why do you exonerate him yet baba owes him ,who is going to repay him. Why do you fail to see if baba gets a half of the bread, Jimmy is back to business in full force.

Mr Black

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Orengo said that soon Kenya will never be the same again.

I see nasa has started damage control.
he swore if the cops continue killing their people they would be forced to defend themselves, a day later they teach their supporters how to make petrol bombs, Rasanga And luo nyanza leaders swear no elections will be held in their turf, the day is nigh, Baba will have to choose whethqer to go violent full throttle or do what a statesman would do and keep the peacea
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Baba anasulubishwa over suspicion. Yet the guys that masterminded the killings in 07 and later on eliminated witnesses are above suspicion. If we perish as a country it will be for our idiocy first.