Joe Biden’s Bloopers, Blunders and Gaffes

The primaries are meant to choose who majority of people in that party want, it’s not the general election. The DNC was wrong for shoving Biden down their throats, it goes against democratic principles. If he was that popular, then he should have displayed that popularity in the primaries. They never learnt from the Clinton debacle but they will in November. Biden is so drugged up, it’s the side effects of all the drugs he’s on that makes him a “sleepy Joe.” In this tumultuous, uncertain world we’re living in, America can’t afford to have a debilitated, ailing president in a sea of capable young men and women. What a disgrace!
Bernie's popularity is only among young people. Majority of whom don't vote.
Biden is not ultra popular but he is likable enough.
His enthusiasm is not high, but fortunately anti-Trump enthusiasm is high.

Trump is Biden's chief campaigner.
Biden will not win the election. Trump will lose.
Oh you can’t compare the two, Trump amazes me with this outer-worldly gift of remembering dates, names, figures! Biden on the other hand, cannot function without a teleprompter. Trump can stand on a podium and “preach” for hours engaging and entertaining his supporters without missing a beat.

We know Biden underwent surgery for two brain aneurysms in 1988, although his surgeon, Dr. Neal Kassell, recently said Biden did not suffer any brain damage “whatsoever.” I find it hard to believe that someone can have 2 major brain surgeries and come out 100% intact. Therefore in addition to Alzheimer’s dementia there appears to be an element of vascular dementia. Anyone but Biden would’ve been better, oh why did your party commit this treacherous thing? If the people voted for Sanders (twice!), then it was wrong to deny the socialist his hard-earned nomination.
Slow slow slow down. Ok. I get it. Let's just assume that you are 1000% Republican, right? And it seems now that your fellow @Electronics4u is also singing "Kumbaya Trump tosha". First things first, I'm neither a Democrat nor a Republican, as I've stated previously. But, between the two presidential candidates, MOST Americans agree that we have a winner.
Next. It's been said a million times that, repeating a lie one thousand times won't make it a truth. Republicans are well known for lies lies lies lies, and for repeating the same lies time and time again. I guess that's why DT keeps on repeating himself 100 times? I don't know. Or he could be really dumb, who knows?
As for your suggestion that Biden was shoved down peoples' throats, that's 100 percent NOT true. I wish my wife was a member here; this girl would shred you up with hardcore Democrat FACTS.
We can't deny that Biden has minor health issues. But, he's very smart, eloquent and liked by most. Lastly, he's a politician and a great leader. Just like in any trade, to succeed in politics you need to be a seasoned politician. What skills does DT have?
In 2016, you guys didn't have a leader. A conman found that vacuum and managed to convince you that he could somehow "drain the swamp in DC" and make the country great again o_O. First of all, the country was already great and progressing well after Obama laid the foundation. Secondly, let's talk about this conman:
- was he a successful businessman? No, because most of his businesses ended up in bankruptcy
- TV host, talk show host? No. Just an old fart who enjoyed walking up into the dressing rooms of young beauty pageants
- A p**sy grabbing, disrespectful and racist bully who doesn't give a sh*t about the country or anyone else (including his wife, btw)? Right!
MAGA, let's cut the defense bill and build a wall! Dumb. Most immigrants fly into the US or get in through controlled border check points. Why put a blanket ban on immigration while the US doesn't have enough brains/manpower in STEM.
America first! Oh, great, only that the US consumes way more than it can produce. And how is the trade war fairing? American consumers are now paying more for basic stuff, most of which come from China and South America. I just quoted China because we get a lot from them. A lot more than Kung flu.
Sorry I drifted from your point. I agree that we can't compare the two.

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Man child Trump's gaffes have been so normalized they no longer even make news. All other news would need to be stopped to analyze them on a daily basis.
People were only mildly shocked when he told them to drink detergent.

At least with Joe he is expected to be normal, that's why his gaffes are headline news.

When you believe in the far left mainstream media and there are declassified papers of Project Mockingbird,then you will get fooled and spew garbage.Garbage in,garbage out IMG_20200625_184004.jpg