journey to nairobi part 1


"amka nani"
"amka , au ni deaf ?"
i opened my eyes to see a crowd gathered around me . i was just in my boxers na socks moja .
"uko sawa ?" a worried man said to me taking my hand and pulled me slowly as i tried to retrace my steps just like a toddler learning how to walk.
the old man assisted me sit in a bodaboda shed bench . deep in my mind i tried to remember where i was , i tried to study the surrounding enviroment but all i could see were children staring at me like i was some sought of demon , women whispering to each other, and a group of bodaboda men wearing relectors and gumboots laughing .
"huyu amelala kwa malaya "
"ni kwenda matina "
"acaaa labda alihijerkiwa jana usiku "
all this murmurs and confusion started to bring back my memories .
lets rewind and start 24 hrs ago when i stepped in thika main stage heading to nairobi.

part 1
its 7.00 a.m on a FRIDAY morning , am in kenya mpya bus stage in Thika town , i grab a smokie fro a guy pushing a trolly next to the famous maguna andu supermarket .
" unaenda muranga au kenol ?" a guy in blue suit tried to pursuade me
"siendi kenol nkt mbwa wewe " i shrugged him off
"unaringa na wewe ni mwanaume na ukipewa matako ?"
i ignored him as i munched my smokie as i entered the kenya mpya bus.
"btw tao ni ngapi?"
"kwani hujasoma kibao ? ni seventeee"
"poa, boss usinikule " i replied now already inside the bus , i spotted my favourite kiti ya nyuma kwa kona .
i always loved that spot as i could see and spot everything happening outside from that kona both outside n inside.
as i sat there , logged into facebook scrolled and no new gossip . i just posted . {HEADING TO NAIROBI} Then logged out .
"hii kiti iko na mwenyewe " a fat old man tapped my shoulder , i looked straight into his eyes and was like get the f**k outer mah face old man .
"iko na mwenyewe ako hapa chini ananunua kadi ya simu "
"sawa " the old man sat at the seat infront ,

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