Jubilee Campaign revs up on all cylinders across all 47 counties


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Mzito Buzeki, Jamu have seen them on the list, they know when to stop the fight and pat your competitor on the back.
That's what entitled Martha Karua is arguably failing to reason. She has amazed me not to fast learn the political mistakes and correct them asap. She might be heading to political oblivion if not well advised with her pride and entitlement


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I was in murang’a jana attending a burial yesterday. Every hour there was trailer or lorry passing by spreading the jubilee message. Street entertainers kwa hizo buloti were sponsored by jubilee and spreading the uhuruto message. Even the pastor who read us the word at the burial asked us to ambia mwenzako tuko pamoja and reminded people to wake up early on 26th, vote for uhuruto then go about their business.

Jubilee campaigns are on another level. You won’t see people in murang’a going for rallies or to the streets but they are campaigning for uhuruto at the person to person and family to family level.


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20000 Luyha leaders from Kakamega, Bungoma, Trans Nzoia and Busia counties. Time to take the Jubilee message of development to all the grassroots. The ongoing roads, water, power connections, subsidized fertilizer/seeds, school laptops, hospital medical equipments, free maternity program, enhance NHIF, Women fund, Youth Fund, Ngaaf etc. Next is SGR stations, airports and more one stop border posts. That's a lot compared to nothing from their opposition leaders in a cumulative 105 years.
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