Jubilee Dev - Construction launch of Riamukurwe Irrigation Scheme in Nyeri County.


Village Sponsor
Today, accompanied by Nyeri County Women Rep Hon. Rahab Mukami, Nyeri County Women Rep. and National Irrigation Board (N.I.B) CEO Mr. Gitonga Mugambi, I launched Riamukurwe Irrigation Scheme in Nyeri County.

Once complete, the project will benefit more than 2000 households. It will enable farmers grow quick maturing crops which will increase incomes improving livelihoods. Phase I,II and III of Riamukrwe Irrigation Project are currently completed with the fourth and final phase currently on-going. The current phase will be completed in the next 18 months to usher in the residents of Riamukurwe and Muruguru sub-locations into irrigated agriculture where high value crops such as onions, tomatoes and cabbages among others will be grown.
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