Jubilee Dev-Ksh 10 billion Lower Nzoia River water/irrigation/flood control project contract signing


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Today I led Min.officials in signing of contract construction works of Lower Nzoia project in 2Lots with SinoHydro #IrrigatedAgriBusiaCounty https://t.co/u8z6jj0c7D

The Ksh10Bn Lower Nzoia project is co financed by GOK under KWSCRP ,@WorldBank and KfW towards #FloodMitigation #IrrigatedAgriculture https://t.co/z6UKGfigNf

Informed Western leaders,GOK to pay Ksh1.2Bn costs for Resettlment &compensation to Project Affected Persons before works begin Feb 2018 https://t.co/l4EzHaf2jU

The Nzoia River dykes entails repair&improvement of existing dykes,construction of 34KM new ones,culverts,drains for enhanced flood control https://t.co/kypvVsBzK6

The Lower Nzoia Irrigation Project Ph1 & #FloodMitigation structures shall permanently mitigate against damage from floods of Nzoia river https://t.co/gtlnXjT8od

The #LowerNzoiaIrrigationProject shall benefit 20,000 Busia residents ,create 8000jobs for youths including Bunyala Irrigation project https://t.co/X8vxzUIwMa

Est.50,000people in Busia/Siaya shall indirectly benefit thro linkages to scheme activities&outputs,boosting local economy #IrrigatedAgric https://t.co/BF6GbtCMd6
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Then you hear oh! Marginalised... Eh! Money only in cendro and RV...
CS Eugene has managed to bring a water/irrigation/flood control, residential water pipes/sewerage network project to Trans Nzoia, Bungoma, Kakamega, Busia & Vihiga counties. Some are ongoing and some awaiting launch. Either way the next few years will be good for the region. Another 56 projects are to be done nationally. He has really performed well.
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Sinohydro Tianjin Engineering Limited Company will build the Sh10 billion irrigation project on River Nzoia.


The project, to be done in two phases, also involves the extensive rehabilitation and improvement of the lower Nzoia dykes to protect Siaya and Busia counties from perennial flooding.

The contract for the Nzoia projects was signed Wednesday between the Water and Irrigation Ministry and Sinohydro Company.

“The Sh5 billion from the World Bank funding will finance the first operation under the Kenya Water Security and Climate Resilience Programme aimed at achieving water security throughout the country,” said Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa.

The dykes project will include repair and improvement of existing ones and construction of new ones.

Mr Wamalwa said the irrigation project would boost production of rice, which is one of the country’s staple foods.


Due to poor farming practices, mainly subsistence and rain-fed agriculture, the yields in most parts of the country are never adequate to last a year.

The CS added that the project adheres to the bizarre Nile Water Agreement of 1929, which Britain signed on behalf of its East African colonies with Egypt, forbidding countries surrounding Lake Victoria from having full use of its waters.

This is because River Nzoia feeds the lake, which contributes 15 per cent of the Nile waters while the rest comes from the Ethiopian highlands.

In the Vision 2030 blueprint, the country set itself a target of putting 80,000 acres of land under irrigation each year for 12.5 years beginning in July 2013, in order to achieve the million-acre programme target by 2025, a feat the new project seeks to achieve in five years.