Jubilee Dev - President Uhuru touring Lamu port and various projects in Lamu County


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Lamu Port to be launched next month, President Kenyatta has announced

LAMU (PSCU) – President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced that the first berth of the new Lamu Port will be opened in October.

The President who expressed satisfaction with the progress of the ongoing construction works at the seaport said the mega project will create the much needed jobs for Kenyan youth.

"Since I was here last year, it is true you've worked hard. Very soon, next month, we will be here to open the first berth which I am told you will have completed," the President announced.

"We will launch by seeing a ship dock here to offload cargo. Offloading of cargo will be the beginning of jobs not just for you alone but also for the youth of Lamu and the entire Kenya," he told hundreds of workers who gathered to welcome him.

The President further announced that plans are underway to start the construction of a crude oil pipeline from the Turkana oilfields to the new port.

"Very soon we will start the construction of a pipeline to get oil from Turkana and bring it to this port," President Kenyatta said.

He asked the workers to remain vigilant and to continue working closely with security agencies in averting terrorist threats.

On the ongoing road projects in the region, the President said the intention is not only to enhance national connectivity but also to attract investors to the new port and the region.

On his way to inspect the 200km Mokowe to Garsen Road, which is currently under construction, the President made a brief stopover on the link road connecting the port and the new road.

He expressed satisfaction with the speed and quality of ongoing construction works and encouraged the contractor to ensure that the project is delivered within the agreed timeframe.

He said his government was implementing development projects across the country adding that development will help the country rid itself of poverty.

President Kenyatta said the new Lamu Port, the tarmacking of the Mokowe to Garsen Road and the ongoing distribution of electricity are government projects aimed at creating new employment opportunities by attracting investors to the area.

"If we have the port, have the road and have electricity, isn't that an expansion of Lamu? Isn't that employment for the youth?" the President posed.

"Those who will come to collect their cargo, those who will come to set up their factories will create jobs for our youth. That's how we want to see our Kenya moving forward," he continued.

The President said plans are underway to build a national secondary school in the county so as to give children from Lamu an opportunity to excel just like children from the rest of the country.

The President who is on a working tour of the Coast was accompanied by Chief of Defence Forces Gen Samson Mwathethe and Coast Regional Coordinator John Elungata.
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Good progress....
-they should do that road to south sudan/ethiopia..
-sgr ifike kisum...
-then that oil pipeline...
-manufacturing kwa wingi...


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Barabara hamna, cargo will be routed thru Mombasa, why not use Mombasa port then. Hii port itakuwa ghost town for a while
311440_b76160c015f7b4f0102193b954b13215.jpeg 298411_c1dc9569f4f4f7f4a4632b1288fda79e.jpg 298414_d22b5d97c728d71f612fac55733929b3.jpg 298415_7a122ccb7a0601cd161568e915f3dc81.jpg 311451_9d87e5d6ba5e14d58795a1be59834f38.jpeg 311458_6ae494fc881c88ec04b5c57b004dadb5.jpeg 311450_815ce1147511b1a5806a59d6b86c681f.jpg
The Garsen to Lamu road is 51% completed and by September 2020 it will be ready a month earlier before Berth 2 and 3 are completed. The Lamu county commissioner is personally supervising this road construction. Large sections are already tarmacked. Other areas are already graded just awaiting tarmac below. Either way its usable even now.
I support fully this project and government full hands on to make it a reality.


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^^^ After Garsen? Road to Garissa is in horrible state. That road and an arm from Hola to Kitui should have been done


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^^^ After Garsen? Road to Garissa is in horrible state. That road and an arm from Hola to Kitui should have been done
That one has yet to be begin. NLC has just completed mapping Lappset corridor from Lamu to Turkana. Now its for them to acquire the land. That corridor will be for road, rail, pipeline, fibre etc.
311474_443a14650d881184f88cb24386af9e93.jpg 311475_be591e8f4c25f4c5d5613caaf15bb4d5.jpg
The Lamu-Garissa-Isiolo is being financed by Development bank of South Africa. The winning consortium is a SPV construction firm based in SA and EU. It will be a tolled PPP road project. However to realize that project government needs to complete land acquisition and allow them to the necessary. Fund, design, operate toll station and maintain it. Definitely 2020 project not now.

However all Lamu cargo will use this new road to Garsen to evacuate cargo. They can either go through Malindi all the way to Mombasa or they can use the new shortcut from malindi to Tsavo to get to Mombasa-Nairobi highway. Mombasa port has a ship waiting period of 2-4 days before they either Kilindini natural harbour port. Its the second lowest ship waiting period in Africa. However KPA can now redirect some ships to Lamu once we reach full operations. The ship traffic is there, it will start as a complementary to Mombasa port. I'm sure a lot of ships would prefer no wait at all if they are given a chance.