Jubilee Development - Commissioning of Last Mile Rural electrification project in Gilgil, Nakuru County


Village Sponsor
We have dedicated a significant portion of the national resources to rural electrification under the Last Mile Project as part of the Government’s aspirations to achieve universal access to affordable and reliable electricity.

The renewed effort to connecting electrical power to rural populations opens up remote areas of Kenya, exposing businesses to a myriad of economic opportunities, and positively impacting on day-to-day quality of life, education and health of households.

John Njoroge’s and James Njuguna's households from Gilgil, Nakuru County, join other Kenyans who have benefited from the project.
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Village Elder
Where in Gilgil?

Because not 2 months have passed since Kenya Power told me that Last Mile project is over and I'll be charged sh.70,000 per pole to bring electricity to mzee's compound.

Last pole is less than 400m away.