Jubilee Development - Inspection of ongoing construction of Busia-Malaba road


Village Sponsor
Infrastructure facilitates the provision of critical services such as transport, communication, security, education, healthcare and allows businesses to thrive. It creates dynamic communities receptive to investors, change and promotes economic vitality that drives development.

Happy with the progress of construction of the Busia-Malaba road and opened the Amerit Location Chief's Office, Teso South, Busia County.
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Village Elder
Reflector jacket ya Dr. Ruto? mliuzia jamaa wa motorbike?

Then mbona mnatumia Engraving sheet instead of al*minium sheet?

Baby Panay

Village Birrionea
Sipendi maneno ya "ongoing". Natakanga complete projects. They shut the hell up wakijenga and then show me the end result.


Village Elder
Hii barabara karibu imalise mimi 2016.. maovesteer tu!!! had a very sharp corner with loose soil underneath next to a bridge.. acha iishe, will be fantastic