Jubilee Development - Installation of medical equipments at Longisa level 5 hospital in Bomet county


Village Sponsor
Name of Project - MES
Location - Longisa Level 5 hospital, Bomet County
Cost of Project - KSH 430,000,000

The hospital received Theatre Equipment, Sterilization & Surgical Sets, Renal Equipment (Dialysis Machines and Imaging & Radiology Equipment which includes CT Scan, Xray Machines, Dental Xray Machine, Mammogram Xray Machine.

The equipment has helped diagnosis of diseases in the area without the need for transfer to referral hospitals out of Bomet, major referral hospitals as well as provide advanced medical services to Bomet County residents.

9 patients get Dialysis services every week in the facility and about 10 patients are attended to at the CT Scan center everyday.
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Village Elder
Kuma machines.. Hazi tumiki in some counties... For lack of skilled personnel to operate them... I am not sure if that changed...
I don't understand this yet colleges are churning personal every year.
You mean we have no dialysis nurses,radiographers or what?
How many nephrologists do we have in Kenya.
We are better Uganda has only 8.