Jubilee Development - Kshs 250 KEPHIS Modern Laboratory


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That is good, that lady i think is esther kimani, a plant pathologist. Daughter of njoya wa divinity of clitoris :D:D:D:D
Plant pathologist. Makofi.

In the Kenya success story of its horticulture industry, KEPHIS will have a chapter. From start to finish, soil-seeds-planting-maintainance-harvest-certification. This lab only enhances what they are already doing.


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The Sh250m Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) laboratory will use latest technology to test and approve the right quality of agricultural inputs including seeds, soil and fertilisers before distribution to farmers countrywide. https://t.co/Z2YiddKFIu View attachment 140585 View attachment 140586 View attachment 140587 View attachment 140588 View attachment 140589 View attachment 140590 View attachment 140591 View attachment 140592
Faculty of agric has never had pretty faces. I have used a magnifying glass to spot one but wapi. Hizo hapo ni masura za BSc agric, agec, agribus, agen, hort. agron, etc


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Kenya’s agricultural exports to the European markets are set to increase following the completion of a Sh250 million laboratory complex that will ensure produce meets international standards.

Deputy President William Ruto, opening the laboratory that was constructed jointly by the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate and the European Union, said the project was a milestone in the development of the agricultural sector.

The lab which was unveiled yesterday, will ensure fertilisers, seeds, soils and water were tested before being used by farmers.

It will also ensure healthy plants, safe trade and a sustainable agro-environment.

Ruto said the lab is ready at a time when there is increasing public demand for quality and safe food worldwide.

“It will help the government to access the international rules for seed, fertiliser and water testing that aid in promoting of trade between Kenya and the EU among other countries,” said the DP.

Addressing Kephis workers at their Karen offices after opening the lab, the DP said the project would lead to increased exports.