Jubilee Development - MV Doria Offshore Patrol Vessel


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Mv Doria Launched


Comes with a helipad which makes me wonder if they'll acquire the necessary sea voyage helicopter.
I also do hope this vessel will get some action, it would come really helpful for coastguard operations and as well search and rescue operations.

Mv Doria


The ship is undergoing sea trials.

Western Marine Shipyard LTD has performed sea trials for "Doria", their new 54 m offshore patrol vessel built in Bangladesh. Doria exceeds contract expectations, achieving a speed of 35,9 knots. She has a range of 1 500 nautical miles and fuel consumption of 3.6 tons a day. The vessel has 12 crew and can take 60 passengers. A helicopter deck on the back of the vessel can accommodate a five ton helicopter.
The vessel be operating for the Kenyan Ministry of Fisheries. Doria is equipped with Servogear Ecoflow Propulsor, and in addition, the vessel has a Water Jet placed in the centre of the transom, working as a booster. Icarus Marine Pty. LTD in South Africa is the designer.

Gunther Migeotte, Executive Director of Icarus Marine says “I am very happy to have the Servogear Ecoflow on the vessel as it offered the best performance for the vessel allowing us to make speed with a more comfortable safety margin that any other propulsion system could offer.”

Main propulsion:

Engine type wing, Servogear: MTU 16V4000M93L-1DS
Engine power wing, Servogear: 3440kW@2100RPM, per wing installation
Engine type, WJ: MTU 20V4000M93
Engine power, WJ: 3900kwkW@2100RPM
Speed at MCR Servogear only: 28 knots (25 knots contract speed)
Speed at MCR Servogear + WJ: 35,9 knots (35 knots contract speed)

We congratulate with the successfull delivery, and look forward to future cooperations.


Meria Mata

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Someone must be very worried now, panya routes zote zafungwa kabisa.
ion, that water jet can come in handy kuzima moto kaa ya jana usiku.