Jubilee Needs to Learn The Art of Rebuttal

Ukweli Tupu

Village Elder
Whenever I see an article in a newspaper by certain ‘civil society’ linked Kenyans, and I don’t see a rebuttal in the same paper the next day, I feel some people are letting the govt down. Right of reply means most newspapers will allow a rebuttal from affected parties regarding an article they have published.

I have noted that certain local NGOs receive funding from very credible sources. I have concluded that this happens because the said NGOs are believed by the donors to be, among several qualities -apolitical.

It is in Jubilee’s interest to expose NGOs that claim to be apolitical, while clearly they are not. This will cut their funding from the source. One of the ways to do this is to ‘troll’ them, ie whenever people associated with them write a biased article in a newspaper, have govt media personalities write a rebuttal quoting facts. This will expose them as politically biased activists, and will lose funding from neutral sources. They will only remain with funding from soros and co, and this exposes them since many people now know that that guy funds people to create chaos.

I think ‘trolling’ these NGO types is crucial at this time when it appears anasa/odm don’t want to participate in the election on 26th October. They will accuse everyone of making it impossible for them to participate in the election and will be joined by the ‘civil society’.

For a start, Jubilee should use the Tumaini supermarket destruction in Kisumu to argue that the so-called demos are nothing but thuggery, especially considering that the looting of that supermarket had tribal and political undertones. And add the fact that Kenyan ‘civil society’ have not condemned that incident. This is just one case among many where our ‘civil society’ have proved to be hopelessly politically biased against the govt/Jubilee.

If indeed Rao flies out of the country when we are only 2 weeks to the election, then know that he does not plan to participate in the election and wants to ‘take his case to a global audience’. Jubilee needs to have their people writing articles to newspapers here and abroad to counter the articles rao and ‘civil society’ will be writing to try to de-legitimize Jubilee’s win.

I understand anasa/odm/‘civil society’ have already written to various global organisations making unsubstantiated claims regarding the election. Jubilee needs to write to these organisations, quoting facts, especially regarding so many NASA MPs refusing to participate in the so-called protests, so many leaders defecting to Jubilee etc. hence Rao knows he can’t win, and that’s why he is refusing to participate in the election. This will cut anasa funding from respectable organisations.

Some of the ‘civil society’ people Jubilee needs to rebut every time they write an article in the media: Kiai, Makau Mutua, Sarah Elderkin, Ndii, Rasna Warah (sometimes), Gladwell and a few others.
It has been a good learning experience for Ruto.
Civil society is important because they are the ones who organize demos, package the narrative for international media, and rush to court at every turn.
Raila has held a monopoly on these civil society. Ruto must wake up in this area.
For every opposition civil group, there should be one friendly to Jubilee. When they file a case, we file. When they call a press conference, we call. When they release a statement, we release. When they organize a demo, we organize.