Juja mp Waititu ni team mafisi kweli.

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JUJA legislator Francis Munyua Waititu, popularly known as Wakapee, has been linked to a fresh sex scandal, barely six months after he quietly settled another one.

A 25-year-old Mpesa attendant on Tuesday night reported to the Kasarani police station that she had received death threats after she declined a proposal by the MP that she procures an ****.

Martha Wanjiru Wahome told the police she had received the threats on July 29, just hours after she rejected a proposal by the MP to terminate her now four months’ pregnancy.

Wanjiru said she had received calls and text messages warning her that the Mungiki would attack her if she failed to do “as agreed with mheshimiwa”.

The woman claims the MP impregnated her but fled after she informed him that she was pregnant.

Wanjiru told investigators that the caller, who hid the mobile phone number, warned her of dire consequences if she failed to procure an ****.

She said the caller was not the MP and that he identified himself as a member of the Mungiki sect.

She said that the the same day, Wakapee had sent her Sh20,000 through Mpesa for the **** but she declined.

“The following day Francis called me and ordered me to find a doctor and when I had done so I should get him to come and pay for the termination of the pregnancy,” Wanjiru said.

“Since that time we have argued over the issue on the phone, but it's an SMS which scared me most because he [the sender] told me he would send Mungiki to deal with me if I refused what he had told me,” Wanjiru said in the statement to investigators.

Yesterday, Wanjiru in an interview with the Star maintained that she would not abort but was determined to have the MP take care of their baby once she gives birth next January.

Wanjiru said she was forced to move out of her house after she started receiving the death threats.

Wanjiru recorded the two-page statement at the Kasarani CID offices on Tuesday, detailing her 13-month secret love life with the MP.

She revealed that she met the MP for the first time in July last year, at a bus stop on Thika Road as she was heading home.

She said Wakapee, who was driving in a Toyota Prado, stopped at the bus stop and introduced himself as a doctor from Kenyatta National Hospital.

They exchanged numbers and that marked the beginning of their relationship during which the MP promised to marry Wanjiru as a second wife.

She said her lover promised to visit her rural home in Othaya in November to meet his near-future in-laws, but this seems to have hit a brick wall when Wanjiru announced that she was pregnant.

She said that the MP made her relocate from Umoja to Thika Road and also promised to start a business for her.

Yesterday, the MP was unavailable to comment. He texted the Star, saying that he was in Parliament.

- See more at: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/juja-mp-waititu-another-sex-scandal#sthash.k1mchzcK.dpuf

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila.Cast your vote!

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila.Cast your vote!


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How it went down...............

Wakapee visits the Mpesa shop

Martha: Hi
Wakapee: Hello, mko na Mpesa
Martha: Unataka kuweka ama kutoa?
Wakapee: (Fisi mode activated) Nataka kuweka nikitoa.....yaani kuwekaweka

A few minutes later.........
Martha: (Still panting) Sir..........sir........You have deposited in the wrong account!
Wakapee: Wee si unajua Marie Stopes si brand ya biscuits
I highly doubt,huyo Martha aligawa haraka so pia ni kawaida yake kugawa gawa. I bet huyo mtoi hata anaweza kuwa sio wa huyo MP labda ni wa kange, boss wake ama neighbour.sadness of being a loaded man
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Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila. Cast your vote!