Julius Mwale: Conman or Investor

He is behind The Mwale Medical Technology City. Has any talker visited this city? The City is expected to be completed in 2020. The Hampton Mall is already completed. Mwale is saying it's will be the largest hospital in the world with a 5000 bed capacity. Standard Media wrote an article that he is a conman with many defaulting loans starting from US to Kenya. Am sure he will run for a seat in the coming elections and win. Construction is still ongoing despite all this allegations. What is the back story to this man?
still on conman manenos kuna huyu ninja wa sampesa agencies... that guy is raking in millions from innocent old folks.. ati kama umeshindwa kumaliza kujenga buroti yako he cheaps in.. ukitoa consultation fees the guy shows you the mido finger.. very sad indeed