Jumabekavu bonoko and Co denied bail

Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
Six people involved in a witchcraft saga that made business come to a standstill in Bamburi last week were yesterday arraigned in court.
The drama which was perceived to have been blackmagic and later turned out to be a well-orchastrated drama.
The accused,Elizabeth Wetaba,Yassin Lekorobe,Ronald Nganga,Marry Achieng,Wani Moses alias Patrick Omondi and Musa Ongom were charged with seven counts among them consipiring to defraud the public.
They jointly allegedly conspired to defraud by advertising their "products" on September 6 at Kiembeni area in Mombasa.
They were accused of claiming to carry out genuine business as traditional doctors and they were able to catch thieves,solve court cases,secure jobs,solve impotency at a fee.
Case will be mentioned on the 19th

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