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  1. Meria Mata

    Meria Mata Village Chief

    Oh God You say to Us that Our latter dayz will be greater than Our former days, We will grow from zero to heros, from grass to grace, from stop to top, from boys/girls quarter to headquarter, You'll make Us the head and not the tail. You will deliver Us from shame to fame by YOUR grace. All Our mockers will become Our workers and we will move from insult to results. All answers are found in prayers. And we Belive in Prayers move mountains.
    Blessed Sunday
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  2. Liberty

    Liberty Village Elder

    Amen. Blessed Sunday to all
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  3. Mathaais

    Mathaais Village Sponsor

    Happy Father's day to all dedicated fathers minus the deadbeats.
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  4. Mjuaji

    Mjuaji Village Elder

    Shout out to mifepristone
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  5. kalel

    kalel Village Elder

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  6. pamba

    pamba Village Sponsor

  7. Adeudeu

    Adeudeu Village Elder

    Are you gashwin?
    Please inbox me your real age
  8. Okwonkwo

    Okwonkwo Village Sponsor

    Amen brother meria
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  9. kasaman

    kasaman Village Elder