Just found this very rare gem on OLX


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The price is a bit steep in my view. The engine specs are the killer for me. They stopped making this version in 2003.

Vr4 tt was one very strong engine

If he can let it go for half m or less, well well...


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Do you think it's worth throwing purchase? I'm considering it. I'm just not sure about parts availability.

Mitsubishi Legnum vr4, twin turbo 2.5L full time 4wd. Sunroof pia iko. It would be a very good project car. It's a 5-speed auto/semi-auto.

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Unatafuta kipara kaka. Hizi gari wachia mabillionaire, makanika, na wajuaji. Ukitaka project car let it be very basic with a manual gearbox.
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That is a gem. It has a sequential twin-turbo meaning the kick comes with a heavier punch unlike the Legacy twin turbos that are two-stage. My bro loves this car. There is one I saw last year in a Mitsubishi group clean, a salon version KAT the owner would take 700K. They are many in New Zealand and Australia. Not many Kenyans bought them. I say if you have the cash and enthusiasm, get it. With the internet there are numerous VR4 forums so help and trouble-shooting is a click away.

However, a lay man can't tell a normal Gallant GDI from a VR4 2500 cc twin turbo
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Buda boss.......woiii!!! Hio if you dont know its history dont touch, the legnum and galant came with some kind of shocks called arm shocks, and they were fucked up shocks. Plus considering that Mitsubishi has fuel injectors in the engine meaning that if they fail u have to buy the full engine. Kwa Mitsubishi mzee hivyo be ready to buy an engine. On the up side though, its a car u can easily boost its performance. GOOD LUCK!!

kah tony

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Kenyans are very pragmatic when it comes to buying cars. You buy the car that everone has not because you like it but because it's a safe bet.
My uncle has an Opel Astra that he bought from a defunct parastatal. He lives in shaggz. He's owned it for more than 15 years. Go figure.