Just like that I am crawling back to you

spent some good times with you.. on a balcony of a hotel in the CBD wasted.. you were spontaneous ..always fun ..always angry that I'd fallen asleep while you driving.. you were never forgotten; i never will ..Trust you are in a better place ..years on years still dont erase.. you are inalienable part of my life

you loved daughtry; so i loved it too

aki rest in peace Mo.

maragoli mujinga sasa hii ndio shida ya kukosa bibi. Sasa unakuja kulilia strangers hapa. Anyway I Daughtry nawapea 6/10 juu ya that song crawling
i loved the woman.. i have some odd nights that i remember her and listen to songs she loved which mostly are drawn from daughtry
Pole mjamaa pia Mimi an going through what you are experiencing. It's painful but you will heal with time.
for me its like sitawahi heal.. jana the tears zimeflow wacha tu ...morning pia nimewezwa

she wasnt my girlfriend as such.. but we were intimate and so much attached beyond sex. We could destroy each other lives just by being together. I pray that i see her in my after life

damn i am teary again