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Am glad to be back in the fold hoping hakuna kitu kimeharibika. From the listings I've gone through I have noticed last week was mo fire in this our village.

Sitaki kurudisha watu misri though I have this issue thats bugging me. I don't want to start a war neither do I want to offend anyone here. The big fight in the village was between the believers and the non-believers. On one side there were those that believe in a supernatural being while on the other side those who believe science has an explanation to everything under the sun. Am happy it ended well.

So to all, do you believe in witchcraft. Does it really exist, do we have any religious or scientific explanation to it. I personally have never seen or experienced it while stories are abound everywhere out there ranging from one being stuck while enjoying another man's honeypot to a pu**y being pasted on a cheating wife's forehead, an evil woman using her eyes to bewitch someone who later dies or thieves made to feed on grass like cows etc etc. Tafasali share your thoughts.


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in Europe if you claim bewitch you are taken to a psychatrist. in Africa its normal. so in short we are mad #nopunintended


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Evil does exist but its not as commonplace as people would have you think kama zile roadside charcoal ndiyo zinaitwa urban legends


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witchcraft does exist. uchawi iko hapa tu kenya hata tusiende mbali ati Nigeria ama wapi; the spiritual world is real; ive seen it raw na macho yangu !
This witchcraft thing gets me confused. Can I for example go to a mganga to put an insurance cover for my girlfriend in the event that she cheats on me with someone say like in Europe wakwamane, and will it really work?


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this witchcraft crap is just a means of scaring them naive people it don't exist nor is it ever going to exist unless there is another universe where its advocated for
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